Creatives of NY // The Beginning

As a photographer, I am trying to constantly find new subjects to photograph and ideas to inspire me. Since moving to NYC, I have really focused on analog photography - capturing portraits mostly on my Canon AE-1 Program (35mm) and my Polaroid Land Camera and Polaroid Cool Cam. 

After working with my friend Martha in studio on some conceptually-focused portrait work, I had the realization that shooting images in this way was very fulfilling - it allowed me to create images with greater meaning behind them, instead of just shooting portraits for the heck of it.

So that got me thinking... what was the intersection of portraiture, concept-driven work, and film photography? 

And thus, Creatives of NY was born. In this personal project, I will photograph artists/creative types who call New York City home and interview them to understand the inspiration behind their work, what they love about New York, and what motivates them to create. 

I hope you enjoy reading these interviews as much as I enjoy conducting them. I also hope these portraits will give you a sense for the intimate interaction and mutual trust that is the act of portrait photography. 

Thank you for reading.